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3 Aug

How to empower your customers through an effective channel strategy

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Technology as an enabler: how disruptive brands do it

11 Apr

Why Customer Experience Matters

9 Mar

Diversity and inclusion: not just buzz words

11 Jan

The importance and benefits of being socially responsible

1 Dec

The necessity to put your people first: employee engagement

15 Nov

Customer Centricity – What is it and how do you attain it?

22 Jul

How my Mini-MBA in customer centricity can help you improve your business

15 Jul

How front line staff can have the biggest impact upon sales in any retail business

15 Apr

All the tools you need to transform your business for commercial success…are in this book.

8 Dec

Leadership for the age of customer empowerment white paper

9 Nov

Interview with Charlotte Walshe, Head of Charity Partnerships at In Kind Direct

9 Sep

Customer Centric Transformation White Paper

18 May

Read our consumer survey insights!

12 Mar

The future of the high street

5 Feb

Why I’m involved with Retail Week Live

27 Jan

Creating a profitable future and a sustainable business

18 Dec

Rebranding the high street: big names made anew

27 Nov

CEOs need to go long

13 Nov

Why there’s never been a better time to rant or rave about customer service

10 Oct

Doubt truth to be a liar: Fake news and customer confidence

20 Sep

Operation Yellowhammer: Failing to prepare, or preparing to fail?

6 Aug

A youth that has something of the old man in him

23 Jul

Flaming June flickers alight

8 Jul

Summer is only the unfulfilled promise of spring? Retail sales for July

24 Jun

Retail: The Hammer of the Scots?

10 Jun

Virtually yours?

28 May

Streamlining for success

22 May

Where’s my parcel? When customer service goes horribly wrong

13 May

People are our best resource

3 May

Retail Connections: Contactless shopping

18 Apr

Nothing new under the sun

5 Apr

Who can help businesses survive in town centre locations?

28 Mar

Destination shopping: why town planners need to think big 

18 Mar

Male customers need investment too

5 Mar

Dear Algorithms: how to make me love your brand all over again

26 Feb

“My jumper is where?” How to avoid frustrating your customers with delivery mayhem

21 Feb

I’m putting my money where my mouth is…

5 Feb

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Customers?

28 Jan

No, the high street isn’t going anywhere: and it certainly isn’t dying

18 Jan

In a world where word of mouth goes viral, mediocre service is not an option

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